What is Hapkimudo?

April 12, 2012



HAPKIDO is a Korean martial art that involves all of the fighting aspects: kicking, punching, falls, projections, locks energy work…

Method of self-defense, school of discipline and self control, dynamic system and electic, Hapkido can adpat to everybody: men and woman, young and elder.

Hapkido in a nutshell: a session includes a full warm-up, a technical part, a fighting or self-defense part and a relaxation and recovery part.

Physical preparation: a full warm-up that prepares the body for the session, which allows to develop and reinforce the physical capabilities (flexibility, balance, strength, endurance) and mental.

Technical perfection: kicks and punches, projections, falls, locks, strangulations, weapons… The extent of the studied techniques is limitless.

Feeling good: condition and well-being – a regular practice can only bring benefits to both, the body and mind: better physical condition, stress relief, energy work and breathing.

Release the tension and self-control: Hapkido is ludic activity, and while spending the excess of energy you also learn about self-control.

Defending: Hapkido teaches simple movements  that can be useful in case of aggression, which allows to gain a certain self-confidence.


The three major Hapkido principles are:

Yu: Water – the ability to adapt to the context, knowing how to change in a timely manner, by proving fluidity and relaxation

Won: circle – absorb, redirect  and use the strength of the adversary, working in a rounded  and smoothly way

Hwa: harmony – anticipate and feel the adversary’s actions, which implies the non-resistance

To summarize, these concepts are based on the use of strength and the adversary’s power against himself, on the good control of the energy and breathing require the adaptation of the practitioner against all types of situations.

To these 3 principles could also be added the idea of kang ‘강’ which means hard. It aims to break the circle or harmony in order to obtain a more dynamic or a more brittle action.


Developed my Master LEE  Eun Jong , 9th Dan, president of the World HapkiMudo Federation and former Hapkidotechnical adviser to the Fédération Francaise de Taekwondo et Disciplines Associés (FFTDA), HapkiMudo is a traditional school of Hapkido where the notion of mudo is essential. It is an effective martial practice (mu means warrior) allowing an important place to the mind (Do). From now on, it is Master KangLEE  Jong , 8th Dan, student and 1st assistant of Master LEE  Eun Jong who took over to develop and promote our school in Europe as a technical director.

Hap: Harmony between the body and mind, balanced life = Health maintenance

Ki: internal and external energy (muscular) = body fortified

Mu: fight, martial art = efficacy, technicality

Do: voice, philosophy, reflexion = open minded


Hapkimudo would be the “Martial voice of unified energies”.


Hapkimudo intends to preserve  the roots of the original Hapkido while aiming to prioritize the technical efficiency and rigor. The HapkiMudo philosophy is based on its method of teaching: it relies on the Korean tradition, with notably the relation between teacher and student, the salutation, the vocabulary, the notions of the “ki”… but it also is universal through its redesigned pedagogy in accordance with the evolution of the western society.

In brief, HapkiMudo favors mind openness. Obviously, HapkiMudo does not pretend to be a method of miracle of self-defense that would be more efficient or valuable than another, far from that. HapkiMudo is simply an approach of Hapkido that emphasis on all forms of fighting, the rich technique, the pragmatism and mostly on the build of a student with a strong body and mind but  who is above all lucid and modest about his own practice.

Finally, HapkiMudo intends to be a style that does not belong only to Koreans. It should on the other hand be considered as a universal heritage in order to share its values to the greatest number, at least to those who are motivated enough to accept a harsh and difficult education. But such is the case for all martial art that requires time, patience, efforts and a strong desire.  It is the principle of the “DO”, the voice…


Hapki Mudo’s motto is MUDO JONGSHIN, the right and straight mind of martial art.


There are no such thing as bad disciplines, only bad practitioners. Which makes martial art interesting and eventually efficient, it is about the student’s character’s strength and the intensity that is put in the training.

Visit http://hapkimudo.fr/wha-english for further information